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Dog Health
Dog Health

When it comes to observing your dog’s health, oral hygiene is very important. Unfortunately, oral hygiene is often times pretty much neglected; yet it is evident that many illnesses affecting dogs stem from neglected oral care  and subsequently affecting the dog’s overall health.

Neglecting your dog’s oral health could lead to damage of internal organs. This is because the toxins stemming for the oral illness can spread into the blood stream, and when bacteria is present in the blood stream it could spread to the liver, brain and  kidneys.

When proper health and oral hygiene is observed, most dogs will not suffer the additional health complications. This is vital to ensure that your dog remains healthy.

Below are some of the dental diseases that we need to protect our dogs from in order to maintain their general health:


This is inflammation that is likely to affect your dog’s gums. Gingivitis is most of the time accompanied by bad breath. This problem begins when plaque builds up on your dog’s teeth. Plaque eventually turns into tartar, when tartar moves into the gum they become red and puffy resulting into gingivitis. Getting the dog’s teeth professionally cleaned when plaque begins to build can help prevent this ailment. However, a vet should be consulted in the occurrence of this periodontal disease.

Loose teeth

Loose teeth in an adult dog, can signify that the dog might have suffered some trauma that led to the tooth being loose. This can also happen due to advanced dental illness. When a dog suffers from a loose tooth it is best to visit a vet who may determine the cause by taking an x-ray. After the cause has been determined the vet might instruct that an extraction be carried out.

Teeth that are not well aligned

It is important to be sure that your dog’s teeth are well aligned. Teeth which are not properly aligned may lead to difficulties in chewing food, leading to subsequent malnutrition. By consulting a dentist when your dog suffers this ailment, he will likely correct this situation by realigning the teeth or opt to extract the misaligned teeth that may be causing him discomfort.

Tooth trauma

This stems from a dog chewing very hard objects causing a broken or cracked tooth. Broken teeth may sometimes expose the nerves which can be very painful. This can be prevented by observing the objects that your dog chews on. Keep the objects that are likely to cause tooth trauma to the dog as far away as possible. Consult with a vet in case you notice this dental problem with your dog. The vet may recommend a tooth extraction or root canal to relief the dog’s discomfort.

Common Dog Health Ailments you Must Know.

Often, health conditions that usually affect dogs go unnoticed until when they are in their critical stages. These ailments not only affect canines but they also impact their owners as well. The biggest problem with our dogs is that they don’t know how to express themselves and tell us where it hurts.

On the other hand, there are symptoms that you can observe to determine whether there is a problem or not. The various behavior changes will tell you if there is an issue. Some of the signs include sleeping more than usual, scratching a lot, losing interest in the activities they love most, etc. Below are the common dog sicknesses you ought to know.
1. Obesity– This disease is very common in canines; however, it can be treated. The major reason for this condition is too much eating, and not doing enough exercise. Fatty foods should be avoided at all cost. You should develop a clear schedule of when they have their meals, the quantity of the food and when you take them for a walk . You can also consult a vet for to determine if a special diet is necessary. Obesity in dogs should not be ignored at all; it can cause serious conditions such as heart failure and liver ailments.
2. Diabetes– This is another disease that affects humans too. To prevent this condition make sure they have well balanced meals throughout the day. Ensure that their meals don’t contain fatty scrappy sugary foods. These leftovers will cause pancreatic issues that can lead to diabetes. When they suffer this condition, they will require special care. Consult with a qualified vet on the best cause of action in order to keep the sickness in check. Make sure you follow vet’s instructions to the end.
3. Arthritis– This affects dogs and humans as well. Dogs are vulnerable to be affected since they have narrower long joints. You should consult with your vet regularly in order to monitor the condition and check out for any degeneration. This could cause dog hip and joint problems.
4. Allergies– Dogs are usually allergic to fleas. The most common signs are hot spots that can create an infection. You should utilize anti-flea prescriptions. They can help a lot. Food also causes this problem. You ought to check with your vet to know the kind of medication you should use.
5. Infections– The main signs for this ailment are redness and swelling; in addition, excessive scratching can be seen. The affected areas include the ears, eyes and skin. The ears are mostly affected because bacteria can easily enter.
There are several other health problems that can distress your dog, the above are just a few of them.

In summary, we should always be attentive to potential medical conditions that can affect our canine. In effect Hip and Joint problems are very common in certain breeds.

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